LAST DAY !!!!!

Oct. 2, 2016


oct 2 12:pm -9:00pm
don't miss it
we are looking forward to see you guys!!


Sep. 27, 2016

OCT 2 2016 (LAST DAY)

Dear Value Customers,
As you all are well aware of, the site where Saku currently is will soon be replaced with a whole new "shopping plaza". It is unfortunate we have to announce our closing, which will be October 2, 2016. At this time we would like to thank all the value customers and how much we appreciate your businesses. It has been a pleasure serving the community and the families within it. We thank you all dearly for the time you have spent at Saku. We have come a long way and we couldn't have done it without you. We will return to our spot possible next year when the construction is completed. Thus saying we will no disappear forever. In the mean time if you have one of our Saku gift cards we will still honor it when the next Saku is build. We look forward in seeing each and everyone of you at the next Saku. Thank you again and best wishes to all families.

Purple Spider Roll $13.95
soft shell crab .spicy tuna with buleberry kani.

  • Green Hulk Roll $12.95

    shrimp tempura ,white tuna ,avocado,asparagus ,in green soy paper served with eel sauce and wasabi mayo

  • Spicy Girl Roll $12.95

    Salmon, avocado inside, topped with spicy tuna, jalapeno, served with spicy mayo and hot sauce

  • Winter Rose AKA Kristin Roll $13.95

    salmon yellowtail jalapeno ,scallion,wrap with soy paper,top with pepper tuna avocado.served with yuzu wasabi ,wasabi mayo and hot sauce (light spicy)

  • Lucia Roll $12.95

    spicy salmon ,jalapeno,scallions,yellowtail white tuna ,ghost pepper ,seaweed kani salad on top(spicy)

  • Be Mine Sweetheart Roll$13.95

    shrimp tempura ,cucumber ,spicy salmon ,in soy paper,topped with tuna avocado.

  • Two Heart Meet $12.95

    spicy tuna ,shrimp tempura,avocado in rice paper,no rice

  • Three Musketeers Roll $13.95

    Spicy tuna spicy salmon ,spicy yellotail.

  • Lemon Kiss Roll $13.95

    spicy yellotail scallion ,top with salmon lemon

  • Ice Fire Roll $12.95

    Cruchy spicy yellowtail ,cucumber ,cilantro ,top with kani ,pineapple ,served with house specail sauce

  • Poseidon's Wrath Roll $13.95

    Cruchy spciy tuna ,mango inside ,top with tuna ,salmon ,yellowtail ,avocado tobiko and jalapeno.

  • Golden Samurai Roll$13.95

    Eel, avocado, crunch, topped with mango and seaweed salad, tobiko served with eel sauce and chef’s special Orenji sauce

  • King Kong Roll$13.95

    Tempura banana, topped with eel, avocado, kani and seaweed salad, served with chef’s special spicy mayo, eel sauce, and wasabi mayo

  • Yum Yum Roll $12.95

    Tempura soft shell crab ,cucumber ,cream cheese with salmon ,mango ,served with chef specail sauce.

  • Greenshire Roll$13.95

    White tuna, crunch, asparagus, spicy mayo, topped with fresh yellowtail, mango, jalapeno served with yuzu sauce and hot sauce.

  • Angry Dragon Roll¥12.95

    spicy tuna shrimp tempura avocado inside ,top with spciy kani ,served with spicy mayo eel sacue and hot sauce.

  • The Amazing Tuna Roll$13.95

    spicy tuna avocado cucumber,top with pepper tuna,mango served with mango sauce

  • Wild Fire Roll $8.95

    Smoke salmon ,kani ,cream cheese avocado ,deep fried ,served with eel sauce and hot sauce.

  • D.A.Roll $12.95

    spicy salmon avocado ,cream cheese,soy paper ,top with yellowtail jalapeno,spicy ghost mayo

  • Sexy Lady Roll$14.95

    Yellowtail, jalapeno inside, topped with salmon, avocado, white tuna served with yuzu wasabi sauce

  • Amber Phoenix Roll$12.95

    shrimp tempura mango inside,top with spicy tuna and crispy taro served with mango and yum yum sauce

  • Spicy Kimchi Tuna $9.95

Majestic Tiger Roll